Gift cards

Gift cards/certificates

Discover beautiful places in Oirschot!

At the Tourist Office the following gift certificates and gift cards are available.

With a gift certificate from the Land van Oirschot you can go to dozens of pubs, restaurants, shops, farms, bed & breakfast addresses, museums and so on. For example, for a cup of coffee with pie, a dinner, an overnight stay, a workshop or a massage. With the certificate  you will find a list of companies and organizations where the coupons can be handed in. The coupons of € 5.00, €10.00 and € 15.00  are for sale at VVV Oirschot.

TOURIST OFFICE Gift Certificates
The TOURIST gift voucher is valid indefinitely and at many businesses and shops. Soon, the tourist office gift certificate will be renewed and then gets a new look. The TOURIST gift voucher is available in eight different values: € 5.00/ € 7.50/€ 10.00/€ 12.50/€ 15.00/€ 20.00 /25.00/and € 50.00. Because there is little demand for the voucher of € 50.00, we do not sell this one.

Cinema map
The national cinema voucher is upgraded to an amount of in between €  7.50 and € 150.00 and allows you to pay your movie ticket digitally.

VVV Dinnercheque
The tourist office Dinner checque is upgraded with us to an amount between €10.00 and € 250.00, with which you can pay for your dinner digitally at restaurants which have joined the scheme.

The Tourist Office Gift card is upgraded to an amount between € 5.00 and € 250, 00. The widest disposable online gift card. See for all connected webshops:

VVV Lekkerweg
The nicest gift for an overnight stay. This card is upgraded to an amount between € 25.00 and €150.00 with which an overnight stay can be booked and digitally paid for at the affiliated businesses.

Stage Gift Card
This Stage gift card is upgraded to an amount between € 5.00 and € 150.00. With this card you can pay digitally for your visit at the connected theaters and concert halls.

Book token
The book token is upgraded to an amount between € 5.00 and € 250.00. With this card you can order online books and e-books at  URwww.boekenbon and pay for them digitally.